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press coverage on the india club

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The Telegraph: Let's do the timewarp. . .
December 19, 2001

"Unchanged, austere and irreplaceable, the India Club in Aldwych transports Matthew Norman to the last days of the Raj"

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Bloomberg: India Club London Serves Up Slice of History
January 28, 2015

"It's the London of black-and-white movies or Graham Greene...India Club has stood the test of decades. It's part of London's restaurant history and deserves to be part of the future."

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Real Meals: The India Club by Will Self
March 17, 2011

"India Club is beautifully old-fashioned – and not like an Indian restaurant in 1950s Britain, for there were hardly any of those, but like one in 1950s India. "

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BBC World News: India Club
November 9th, 2017

"London's India club is a café that once used to be the centre of post-colonial conversation over curry and more."

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The Londonist: This Curry Restaurant Hasn't Changed In 60 Years, And Is All The Better For It
December 4, 2017

Its astonishing history puts The India Club firmly in 'semi-hidden gem' territory. The restaurant is where the India League used to convene in the capital, partly to placate homesickness, and partly to talk politics. 

coverage on the national trust exhibition at 143 Strand:

London Live: India Club exhibition feature
January 29, 2019

London Live reports on the National Trust's exhibition on the India Club.


The history of the India Club in Westminster is being told through a new audio exhibition, using interviews from those who consider it a Home away from Home.

The venue, set up in 1951 for the UK's growing south Asian community, has continued to act as a meeting place and hub to this day.

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Time Out: A Home Away from Home, The India Club
January 24, 2019

The India Club is one of the city’s most fascinating post-colonial relics: a bar, lounge and Indian restaurant (one of the UK’s oldest) that’s hardly changed in 65 years. This week the National Trust opens an on-site exhibition which explores its history and celebrates a London institution.

Yahoo News: London's India Club celebrates its history
January 30, 2019

“A Home Away from Home” exhibition, organised by the National Trust, tapped into a “treasure trove” of history on the India Club.

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Museum Crush: The social history of the Indian diaspora at the India Club
January 17, 2019

The National Trust’s A Home Away from Home: The India Club is a site-specific ‘pop-up’ exhibition taking place inside the Strand club that shines a light on this rich social history and showcases the significance of the India Club as an important meeting point and community space. 

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Concert News: The India Club
January 17, 2019

Virtually unchanged for over 50 years, the India Club is a unique space that acts as a vibrant hub for a range of Anglo-Indian organisations and an extended community of journalists, writers, artists, academics and students who regularly meet there. 

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